New Year

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January is almost finished and it is a good time to reflect on the past couple of months. Musicians are so busy during the festive season, we barely have time to reflect on our lives. So here it is…

I am tremendously grateful for all those wonderful musical opportunities I had in the autumn. To begin with, masterclasses with Angela Hewitt, Dominique Merlet and Richard Goode. All very inspiring musicians and creative people with so much energy!

I am still thinking warmly of this crazily challenging programme we did in September – from Handel to Haydn.
My happy time in Rome, which turned into darker colours when one evening suddenly the news about the Paris attacks were coming up in our news feeds…

And then this thing… which will pretty much affect the next three months in my life is that I got chosen to participate in the Estonian Classical Music talent show, together with seven other brilliant young musicians. The first show goes on air on the 13th of March, so fingers crossed!

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