October, getting darker, so what shall we do?

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with Dorian
October has been difficult…always. All those weather changes and the decrease of the daylight, let’s say I feel them dramatically. We had our first glimpse on the Beethoven Piano Concerto no. 5 together with Dorian Dimitrov the other day. That is when I understood, that this and only this piece will help me through calmly and happily ’til the beginning of December. December is already easier because all the streets will be lit up then. And I’ll be awaiting my birthday then anyway! This year I won’t be celebrating it in Estonia with my family but rather in London. It is the 20th of December which means a lot of people cannot attend – only those who hadn’t gone home for Christmas will be joining me. All the lonely souls will gather together, I hope. Oh, and now I’m dreaming… back to the near future. This is a photo of our first rehearsal with Dorian Dimitrov… Concert soon! The 14th of November to be exact. Cannot wait.

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